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TACX Neo Motion Plates

TACX Neo Motion Plates

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Tacx® NEO Motion Plates:

Make your ride even more of a ride with Tacx® NEO motion plates. These easy-to-mount motion plates bring multidirectional movement to your NEO, NEO 2 or NEO 2T smart trainer for your most realistic ride yet. Now your time on the trainer will feel more like riding outdoors, with motion that follows the natural shifts of your body and lets you train more effectively. The two-piece NEO motion plates attach magnetically to the underside of the trainer, making it quick and cost-effective to upgrade your indoor ride. 

  • Experience a trainer ride that’s more natural and helps you train more effectively than ever, thanks to multidirectional movement that mimics a real outdoor ride
  • Cost-effective plates attach magnetically and securely to the underside of a NEO, NEO 2 or NEO 2T smart trainer
  • Ride with confidence on motion plates that provide a secure, balanced feeling
  • Maintain the compact footprint and virtually silent performance of your NEO series trainer
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