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Recoil M10 x 1.0 Thread Repair Kit

Recoil M10 x 1.0 Thread Repair Kit

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Recoil M10 x 1.0 Thread Repair Kit 
These kits includes everything you need to repair an M10 x 1.0mm thread including drill, thread tap, thread replacement inserts, and the insert installation tool.

M10 x 1.0mm is the standard threading for most common derailleur hangers.


  • M10 x 1.0
  • Each set includes a tap, inserts and an insert tool
  • Combo tap and installation tool – tap wrench no longer required (tap square drive on tool only to be used on non-ferrous materials)
  • Magnetic tang break tool for easy removal in blind holes
  • HSS Drill
  • HSS Tap
  • Threaded inserts included
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