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Proviz Reflect360 Running X-Vest

Proviz Reflect360 Running X-Vest

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Proviz Reflect360 Running X-Vest
The REFLECT360 X-Vest is an extremely lightweight item to accompany you out on the roads during hours of poor light or darkness. The reflective material ensures you are more easily identified on the road.

The fabric used for the REFLECT360 range is highly technical. During daylight it is a modest grey colour. At night, when the fabric picks up an external light source, eg vehicle headlights, it utilises millions of reflective beads that catch the light and reflect it back to the light source helping you be seen further in advance of travelling vehicles.


  • 100% reflective. The vest looks grey in the daylight but turns white when light is applied.
  • Super Lightweight  
  • Perforated panelling for enhanced breathability
  • One size fits all - Unisex
  • Fully adjustable
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