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Loctite SF 7850 Citrus Hand Cleaner

Loctite SF 7850 Citrus Hand Cleaner

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Loctite SF 7850 Citrus Hand Cleaner
Loctite SF 7850 is a citrus based hand cleaner using a solvent extracted from oranges and contains no petroleum products. The orange base gives it a strong citrus scent without any artificial fragrances and the natural formulation makes it completely biodegradable.

A skin-friendly abrasive lotion, Loctite SF 7850 contains extra-fine abrasives for deep cleaning of pores as well as aloe vera, lanolin, and jojoba oil for skin conditioning. It cleans with or without water and can remove grease, grime, inks, oils, paint, epoxies, glues, and more.


  • Rapidly removes grease, oil, grime & dirt and other industrial contaminants from your hands.
  • Contains pumice to assist in the removal of stubborn grit 
  • Lanolin, Aloe & Jojoba enriched to care for your hands as it cleans
  • Contains no harmfull petroleum solvents
  • Leave a fresh citrus smell
  • Supplied in a 400ml bottle with snap top lid
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