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Cannondale Lefty Truing Axle Tool

Cannondale Lefty Truing Axle Tool

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Cannondale Lefty Truing Axle Tool

One great thing about the Lefty is the amazing tire clearance. You may not know when your front wheel is out of true like some other forks. This handy little tool inserts into the Lefty hub so you can place the wheel in any truing stand to let you work on it like any other wheel.

This adapter is for truing purposes only and cannot be used for riding in any way.

To use, simply remove the wheel from the fork, remove the axle cap and bolt assembly. Then slide the Lefty Truing Axle Tool through the bearings and replace the small sleeve on the adapter. Place in truing stand, do your business, then get back riding again!

Part includes only the truing axle adapter, you will need tools to remove the axle cap.

Works with both Lefty 50 (older style) and Lefty 60 (Lefty 2.0 and SuperMax) hubs. Will work with Lefty 73 (Olaf fat bike hubs) with optional KH164 adapter.

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