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Abbey Big Drift Kit for Modular Bearing press

Abbey Big Drift Kit for Modular Bearing press

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For better and worse frame manufacturers are switching to some kind of a press fit bottom bracket system. At the same time they are moving away from pressed in headsets. Instead of making a press for hubs another for bottom brackets and a third for head tubes we covered all three with one modular press system. The modular system consists of a press head, press shaft, shaft extension and our patent pending split nut. This keeps the press manageable for hubs and bottom brackets and allows you to extend the press for tall head tubes. 

One of the most unique things about our press is the Split Nut. It's basically a nut that's cut in half and held close by industrial magnets. The hinged unit allows you to place it anywhere on the press shaft with no need to wind it down endlessly to press in a bearing. It also takes care of the pinch hazard that some other presses are known for. 

The press head features a large ball thrust bearing. This keeps the press action super smooth and cuts down on the effort required. It works so well that we offer the press with or without handles. The handled version receives a pair of 4.5" (115mm) long handles. Because not everybody has room in the shop or the team trailer we also offer the press without handles and instead cut an 8mm hexagonal hole in the top. This allows you to use an allen wrench when you do run across that odd job that requires a bit of extra leverage. 

Drifts included: PF-30, Shimano press fit, GXP press fit, 1.5" headset, 1.125" headset, centering cone. Drifts can be custom made as needed for specific applications. 

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