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Bosch - Smart System ConnectModule GPS Tracker & Alarm

Bosch - Smart System ConnectModule GPS Tracker & Alarm

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Even better protected

The Smart System ConnectModule is the physical component for your eBike Alarm and GPS tracker, and fits discreetly inside your drive unit cover. The integrated battery is charged via the eBike Battery whenever you ride, Or when the Connect Module battery draws down low enough in standby mode.

eBike Alarm is the alarm function on the Flow app which can be activated after installation of the Connect Module. an ideal complement to a mechanical lock – for even better theft protection.

After a one-time activation via the eBike Flow app, your smartphone acts as your digital key. If you switch off your eBike, eBike Alarm activates automatically. It reacts to slight movements with alarm signals. If your eBike is moved a lot, you will receive a message on your smartphone, the tracking function starts and you can track the position of your eBike in the eBike Flow app. To use eBike Alarm, the ConnectModule must be installed in your eBike and eBike Lock (the automatic deactivation of motor support) must be activated. 

  • Automatic activation: eBike Alarm turns on automatically as soon as you switch off your eBike
  • Worry-free parking: With the eBike Flow app, you can check your eBike's parking location as well as its security status
  • Acoustic and visual alarm: If your eBike Alarm detects slight movements, it emits audiovisual signals as a warning
  • Helpful tracking function: If your eBike is moved without the use of a valid key, you'll receive a notification and you can track the eBike's location via the eBike Flow app.


**The Bosch Connect Module retrofit kit includes cable and mounting hardware. Please note some bike manufactureers use their own Drive Unit Fairings that house the Connect Module, If your bike has these you may need to check with the Bike brand for compatibility. 

**For Smart System equipped Bosch E-Bikes

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